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Get the first burn right

Let the liquid wax pool melt all the way to the outer edge of the jar when you first light your candle. This may take around 4-6 hours but will avoid "tunneling". Tunneling is when the wax near the centre of a candle burns deeper than the edges. The size of the liquid wax pool is directly related to the so called "hot scent throw", the fragrance strength notable when burned. So the larger the liquid wax pool, the stronger the fragrance throw will be.


Soy candles have a lower burn temperature than other waxes such as paraffin, bees wax or blends. This means you generally get a lot more time to enjoy your soy candles.

Trim the wick

It is crucial to trim your cotton candle wick to around 6mm prior to each lighting. This allows for a more even burn. It also prevents the wick from "mushrooming" which can lead to undesired smoking and soot. Our gold tone plated stainless steel wick trimmers are designed to maintain the wick length easily and safely. The wick trimmers also collect the ends and avoid soot collection in the wax. 


Excessive smoke when burning candles can be caused by excessive use of fragrance oil during manufacturing. A higher fragrance load does not mean a better fragrance throw. That is why Lyttelton Lights stays away from wording such as "triple scented" candles.

It matters where you place your candle

Candles can burn faster and more unevenly when placed near drafts or other heat sources. It is important to buy the correct size candle for the size space it is intended for to enjoy the best scent throw. A large candle in a small room may be perceived as overpowering and a small candle in a big room as ineffective. We have designed 3 different size candle jars which work perfectly and that can be mixed and matched as centre pieces. 

Light it right

We recommend using a good lighting tool like long matches or a BBQ lighter. Not only does it make it easier as the candle gets lower, but it is safer and also helps prevent soot marks on the glass. Always place the candle on a level, heatproof surface away from anything flammable.

Storing candles

Store your candles in cool, dark and dry places, out of direct sunlight or harsh indoor lighting. This helps protect it from discolouration, fading and losing the fragrance.

Know when it’s done

Extinguish the candle if there is 6mm wax left in the bottom of the jar. This one is done. Don’t try to burn that last little bit or you risk overheating the glass jar.

Reuse and recycle

If you’d like to reuse your Lyttelton Lights candle holder, pop it in the freezer to shrink the wax first. Then give it a hot, soapy wash to scrub it out. Don't use sharp objects to get the wax out as this could damage the glass. The jars make great pen holders, lollie jars or fill them with a beautiful succulent from our friends at Node.


Reading our candles safety tips is worth it.