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The making of our signature soy candles

The creative process of launching a new fragrance starts long before the first candle jar is filled. A period that cannot be deprived of time.

Our founder and CEO Laura Frankenschmidt is the mastermind behind any new fragrance taking inspiration from the natural world we live in. With authenticity at the very forefront of product development, no effort is spared to achieve excellence, every time.

Committing to quality

From the very beginning we committed to creating timeless products that are kind on the environment. Therefore every candle is crafted by hand, locally at our premises in Christchurch, New Zealand. Using only the finest ingredients available; every candle is made from responsibly sourced natural soy wax. No wax blends or paraffin is being used.

Fragrance Formulation

The initial inspiration and ideas are collectively blended into sample products by perfumers at our fragrance house, which involves a lot of experimenting with different notes to achieve the perfect accord. This is followed by an intensive trialing period that involves a lot of sampling at our premises. Soy wax is a very fragile compound, so it can take anywhere from 3 months to a year to get to the best possible fragrance and recipe.  

Prep Stage

Once we have established our final fragrance it is time for the prepping stage. Our custom designed candle jars are laid out on pouring benches, each carefully checked and cleaned by hand. Highly absorbent natural cotton wicks are then placed in the jars and all raw ingredients readied for the pouring stage.


Our natural soy wax arrives at our premises as a solidified compound. Our brand new wax melter and pouring systems have the ability to temper and maintain the wax at exact levels to ensure consistency every step of the way. The wax is slowly melted and then carefully blended with our fragrance oils before being hand poured into the jars.

Product Care & Quality Control

Once the candles have been poured they undergo a 24 hour setting phase. The liquid wax slowly solidifies before the next stage of post-production begins. The wicks are hand cut to an exact length and the candles are fitted with our signature Lyttelton Lights lids. Each jar is then quality checked and carefully hand-polished before being placed in our packaging boxes.

Post production

Our products are then packed into 100% compostable courier bags to be enjoyed at destinations all around the world.