Online shopping: Buying candles when you can’t smell them first

As easy as it is to buy 10 things at once with a click, when it comes to something like a scented candle, it can be tricky to decide on your scent sometimes, even for us! But when you can’t smell every scent in the shop, think about the space, the scent and the season.


Considering the size of the space you’re looking to infuse with fragrance is key, specifically when it comes to ventilation. A larger room with windows, such as a living space, can support a strong fragrance where a smaller, less ventilated room won’t. Think about when you’ll be lighting your candles too, because the last thing you want at a dinner party is for your candle to overpower the smell of the amazing food you’ve prepared.

Accentuate the seasons

A fresh and fruity scent can make spring or summer feel that much better. While on the other hand, being wrapped up in winter with woody scents can have you feeling more cosy by the second. One thing that makes our sense of smell so powerful though, is that certain scents can trigger memories of other times and places. So with that in mind, if it’s a bluebird day in winter who’s to say you can’t pretend it’s summer with a fruity scent that reminds you of it? 

Keep an eye out for our special edition candles that we create to match the seasons perfectly, like our Christmas candle for the festive season or current limited edition Sandalwood and Vanilla scent, made for the winter months.

Do I match the scent to the room?

Yes. As a guide, clean and fresh citrus flavours are the best scented candles for the kitchen, spicier fragrances are perfect for the bedroom, and beautiful floral scents work great in the bathroom.

For the lounge and dining areas of your home, think about what activities are done the most in that room. If you want to relax after a long day and put your feet up, floral fragrances are best such as, Lavender, Jasmine or Sandalwood. If your living space is a place to catch up on work, a lemon scent works perfectly, known to help you concentrate.

An effective method to know what’s right for each room, is to think of a scented candle like music: for a living room, you'll want something warm, soft and subtle. Where your music might be a little louder, a happy, social fragrance like vanilla is better.


This is the tricky part, because not all fragrances are created equal. Think about the mood you want to create. Is it calm? Try something smooth like coconut. If you’re after something invigorating, go for something with a spice like ginger. Here are a few things to look out for.

Florals come in light and heavy scents, but they tend to be sweet with hints of flowers like rose or jasmine. Our Sweet Pea and Jasmine scent intertwines these two floral fragrances and is rounded off with notes of watermelon and cucumber.

Woody scents are rich and natural. Think cedar, sandalwood and patchouli for a heavier scent. These fragrances are perfect for the winter time and can make your home feel like a cozy oasis. Our Sandalwood and Vanilla candle is only around for a limited time so get in quick! 

Citrus scents are bright and full of zest, and generally lighter they brighten a room. Think lemon, bergamot and lime. The Lyttelton Lights citrus collection includes three x-small candles in case you couldn’t decide between the different citrus fragrances.

Fruits are known for being sweet but depending on the fruit they can be light or heavy.

Spices such as ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg are warm and rich. Try using the lemongrass and ginger scent in a bedroom.


A simple but straightforward guide, this is by no means a set of rules in finding the right candle. Going with what you know is the safest way to know what to expect, but it’s only when you’re open to something new that you can find a new favourite.

Feel free to contact us for any advice! Lyttelton lights are experts in matching scents to occasions, seasons, spaces and seasons and would be happy to help with whatever you need.


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