The scent of Christmas

Pine Forest - Christmas Limited Edition

A favourite pastimes for New Zealand families was the joy of choosing a Christmas tree, spending endless hours finessing the tinsel and baubles, straightening the star at the top and fixing the lights. Throughout the month of December, Kiwi homes would have had the humble scent of pine and it would remind us of the festivities ahead.

However, often today many of our Christmas trees are artificial, and so many of us will miss out on that special scent we used to adore so much and that holds so many festive memories.

When we started to design this Limited Edition Christmas candle, we wanted a fragrance that would enhance and capture the feeling of this joyful season. One that would bring back beautiful festive memories that we all hold so dear. We thought about our own childhood memories and the ones we want to create for our own little family.

Our pine forest candle will make a very special addition to your home and decor this Christmas. The perfect gift, or treat yourself and enjoy the deep and resinous fragrances of pine entwined with subtle comforting notes of Christmas spices. 

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