The smell of romance: Scented candles at weddings

Romance without candlelight is like the ocean without water, so it makes sense the ambient accessories are becoming a non-negotiable for wedding days.

Add in the element of luxuriously scented candles, and the scent of your chosen aroma will forever take you - and your loved ones - back to your magical day. Scent is, after all, one of the most powerful senses.

Commonly used as a way to relax the night before, set the mood in the morning while you get ready (and calm those pre-wedding nerves) or to create some post-party atmosphere in the honeymoon sweet - there are plenty of other ways brides and grooms are incorporating candles into their big day, too.




As gifts

Whether you wish to thank your bridal party or give each guest a momento, a scented candle is the perfect choice.

Each time your loved ones light up their gift, they will think of your special day - especially if the scent is the same as those you burned on the day. The power of scent to take you right back to specific memories is uncanny, so what better way to keep the legacy of your love burning.

A soft and sweet scent like Sweet Pea and Jasmine is a beautiful gentle aroma, synonymous with romance.




At the reception 

Incorporating candles into your reception adds another layer to the loved-up post-ceremony atmosphere. We love a scented candle at the guest book table, or as added decorations around the room. Lyttelton Lights’ candles feature embossed gold lettering and a gilded lid, an elegant addition to any colour scheme. We recommend a refreshing Lemongrass and Ginger or Coconut and Lime Lyttelton Lights candle to invigorate your guests as they right their love notes in your guest book.




Set the mood 

The gentle glow of candlelight is synonymous with romance, but the most romantic days (weddings) are synonymous with stress. The perfect solution to balance this out of kilter equation? Relaxing with a scented candle the night before, or morning of, the nuptials.

Essential oils, which our candles are infused with, are scientifically proven to de-stress. In fact, five out of six clinical studies conducted between 2009 to 2013 found bergamot aromatherapy oils reduced heart rate, blood pressure and stress.


At the ceremony

You spend hours choosing the perfect song to walk down and up the aisle to, but what about the perfect scent?

Sprinkle some extra magic on your “I dos” with a Fig and Apple Blossom aroma. The crisp, floral notes of this candle are lush and deep - the perfect way to wow your vows. 



Talk to Lyttelton Lights about scented candles for your big day. Contact us to see how we can help.

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