Must have autumn decor pieces

Autumn. The season of crisper mornings, darker evenings and dreamy golden­orange and burnt­red colour palettes.

The end of summer for some, and the onset of winter for others ­ for us, autumn is the month to bring out the cosy accoutrements and enjoy those last, stolen moments of uninterrupted sunshine.

And what better way to do this than from the comfort of your own home? We love nothing more than making our nests into hygge havens, and have our eyes on some must­have additions to our autumn decor.

We thought we’d let you in on our coveted furnishings for the change of seasons.


Anything gold

A glimmer of gold adds instant luxe to any room, and we can’t get enough of the precious metal. Gold picture frames, snuff trays and wick trimmers find their way to our surfaces.

We especially love the use of small gold bowls for rings and jewellery and gold trays to perch watches, keys and the ever­autumnal Fig and Apple Blossom candle.


A great book for the coffee table

Turn that television off and instead flick open an interesting ­ and aesthetically pleasing ­ coffee table book. We are obsessed with 200 Women, and can hardly imagine a cup of tea on the sofa without these stories as company.

In the book, 200 women from a variety of backgrounds are asked the same five questions. Their answers are not only inspiring human stories of success and courage, love and pain, redemption and generosity ­ but are accompanied by flawless photography and delicious design ­ perfect for an autumn afternoon.


A wooden stump?

Yes, we weren’t expecting to include this either, but after getting lost in the scroll on Instagram this one piece really stood out for us.



The cute wooden stump sitting next to this snuggly couch set up is the ultimate hygge addition to your autumn room. The best thing is this coffee table can double as your next DIY craft project.


Dried flower arrangements

Summer’s retreat has taken away the bounty of fresh floral offerings, but we aren’t despairing because we have our eyes on some dried flower arrangements.

One big bunch or single stems, we can’t get enough of the muted tones of dried blooms. Perfect for bedrooms and living rooms, these autumn decor delights are low maintenance but high impact.

We have a big bunch in a large vase, but have seen some excellent arrangements of single stalks or posies in smaller jars and bottles.

Don’t worry about missing that fresh floral scent ­ that’s where our Sweet Pea and Jasmine candle comes in.


Velvet cushions

Plush up your living spaces with an injection of luxurious textures like velvet. We have seen some beautiful soft pinks and grey cushions making themselves known, which match popular muted Scandinavian colour schemes.

However, our favourite classic, Navy blue looks excellent with these new gold ornaments find their way into our spaces.



Can you think of autumn without thinking of the emergence of homely baking? For us, it is pumpkin soups and chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven. And currently, these are all being served in enamelware.


Had some fun with coffee and cookies last Sunday ☕️🍪

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The off­white serving ware with a blue rim looks even better when filled with the steaming golden soup or still­a­little­gooey biscuits, and has us thinking how great the deep red of mulled wine will look come winter...


A little bit of fur

What is snuggly if it doesn’t have some fur? Of course we are choosing faux or cruelty­free, but are just plain loving the addition of fleecy pelts to beds, chairs or the floor.



Perhaps teetering on the winter­side of Autumn, we are happy to merge seasons for some quality nestling into a fur covered­whatever. Ideal to soften the mood of any room, fur is great for ambience.



Finally, our personal favourite, with their subtle notes and incredible warm ambience they create, a scented candle is the perfect autumn decor piece! Candles add luxury to your mantle piece, bench top or desk area and make you feel warm, snuggly, and right at home!

Our Fig and Apple Blossom scent screams autumn to us! With crisp and floral notes of sweet apple blossom infused with deep and lush scents of wild fig it is sure to give you those cosy vibes. Check out more of our scents here to find one that’s perfect for your home!

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